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Value Chain

  • Hip Hing Group Piloting “Enertainer”

    To minimize social and environmental impacts associated with construction, Hip Hing Group continues to collaborate with suppliers and partners in developing alternative and innovative applications for its projects. In FY2020, Hip Hing Group trialed the use of “Enertainer”: an advanced, compact battery system designed to replace diesel generators for power provision in 2 construction sites. The “Enertainer” enhances energy management on-site by drawing power from the grid during low load periods, recharging overnight, and then supplying the stored power to demanding construction site activities, such as tower crane operations, throughout the day. Not only does the system improves energy efficiency substantially, it reduces also air emissions onsite. The system is anticipated to reduce approximately up to 85% savings in energy costs.
    Hip Hing Group Piloting “Enertainer”
  • MiC: Agile Response to Quarantine Facility Needs

    In January, when the COVID-19 had just begun to spread in Hong Kong, Hip Hing Group was commissioned by the Government of the HKSAR to construct quarantine shelters in Junior Police Call Permanent Activity Centre at Pat Heung.

    Hip Hing Group used Modular Integrated Construction (MiC), a quick and reliable method, and mobilized rapid resource deployment across departments to speed up the planning and production process. The construction of 120 new units was completed in just 63 days, a record for Hong Kong, timely addressing the pandemic emergency.

    Moreover, Hip Hing Group designed the units with potential long-term benefits: for instance, they could be reused as transitional housing to alleviate pressure on housing demand without demolishing and rebuilding.
    MiC: Agile Response to Quarantine Facility Needs
  • Enhance Road Safety through Technology

    We continually identify new ways to enhance the safety of our bus services. FY2019 saw the introduction of 119 buses with new safety features, including seat belts on all seats, and the latest speed controls and stabilising devices. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is an intelligent systems under pilot to assist bus captains by providing vital information about road situations. The system also detect when a driver is distracted or fatigued, and sound alerts as a precaution. ADAS can be linked to the backend system of bus companies and support a timely exchange of information.
    Enhance Road Safety through Technology
  • Transport for All

    The entire bus fleets of NWFB and Citybus are designed to be barrier-free. Features such as low-floors and wheelchair ramps enhance accessibility.
    Transport for All

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