<strong>Thriving </strong><span>Peoples</span>

Thriving Peoples

  • AI for Construction Site Safety

    The proper usage of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) at construction sites is critical to ensuring every worker can go home safely. To assist the monitoring of construction site safety, we have introduced an AI recognition system at Hip Hing Group to help monitor the proper use of PPE on site. The system analyzes video input from real-time IP Camera and CCTV systems, utilizing AI techniques to spot potential abnormalities in PPE usage, triggering inspection by on-site safety officers.

    Compared to visual inspection at specific safety checkpoints, the automated monitoring system provides a continuous and comprehensive monitoring coverage. This serves as a constant reminder to site workers to protect themselves against accidents, which tend to occur when workers least expect them. The correct use of PPE can make the difference between minor and severe injuries, reducing the rate of injuries at our construction sites.

    During the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the monitoring system was further enhanced to detect the body temperatures of workers at construction sites, as a preventive measure to avoid potential spread of the virus.
    AI for Construction Site Safety
  • Equal Opportunity Employer

    We appreciate the talents and skills brought by people from different social and cultural backgrounds and are committed to instilling the importance of inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities within our workforce. The acquisition of employees with talent and development potential is the prime objectives of our recruitment strategy, regardless of their background. NWS Holdings has become a signatory of the Racial Diversity & Inclusion Charter of the Equal Opportunities Commission, a milestone in our commitment to promoting an inclusive and diverse workplace. Discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race, disability, religion, family status and obligations are strictly prohibited in our operations, as specified in our “Sustainability Policy”.
    Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Caring of Our Employee

    We care about our employees, and continuously raise the bar to provide better working environment and enhance job satisfaction. In our new satellite office at KOHO, low-VOC paint was used to maintain good indoor air quality. We have also installed adjustable workdesk at every workstation and designated a game room with facilities such as video games and air hockey, allowing employees to relax when needed to avoid prolonged sitting, further improving the health and wellness of our employees.

    Our continuous effort enabled us to be named one of the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019 — Hong Kong Chapter.
    Caring of Our Employee
  • Overseas Training for High-performing Employees

    HKCEC (Management) Limited offers comprehensive training to employees whose focus is on venue management. During FY2019, high-performing employees are selected to participate in two overseas professional programmes: the Venue Management School (VMS) Programme in Australia, and the International Association of Convention Centres’ (AIPC) Academy Professional Development Programme in Belgium.

    The two-year VMS Programme, with five days of training each year in Australia, gives our future leaders the opportunity to exchange knowledge with practitioners from different countries, focusing on industry operation and higher-level management topics. The five-day AIPC Academy Professional Development Programme offers our middle-management employees an opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge to meet industry best practice.

    Overseas Training for High-performing Employees

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