<span>Fostering an Inclusive</span><strong> Community</strong>

Fostering an Inclusive Community

  • Inspiring the Youth with Possibilities

    The NWS Career Navigator for Youth is an award-winning programme that was implemented in 2016 and is run in collaboration with community partners. Since its launch, more than 7,200 students and teachers have gained exposure to 25 different industries and participated in over 250 activities organized under the umbrella of the programme. Aimed at secondary Form Four to Form Six students, the programme leverages the Group’s diverse business portfolio and aims to encourage our business units to help participants build aspirations and plans for their future career. Through job shadowing, corporate visits, mock interviews and sharing sessions, different business units have worked closely with youth groups and the business community to better prepare Hong Kong’s youths to enter the workforce.

    Besides helping students to access highly useful knowledge and skills in career planning, the programme can help teachers enhance the ability of schools to provide better career advice. At the same time, the programme allows our senior staff members to understand the new generation better and prepare to manage our workforce more effectively. As a recognition of the Group and our partners’ commitment to supporting youth development and creating share value for the community, the NWS Career Navigator for Youth received the Outstanding Partnership Award by the HKCSS.
    Inspiring the Youth with Possibilities
  • Creating Shared Value through Cancer Patient Support Programme

    FTLife Insurance has partnered with St. James’ Settlement and launched the “Cancer Patient Support Programme” to provide eligible colon and gastrointestinal cancer patients with cash assistance and nutrition packs. Between 1 June 2020 and 31 May 2021, FTLife Insurance will donate HK$1,000 to the Programme every time a medical insurance customer makes claims relating to outpatient colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

    This initiative demonstrates the philosophy of creating shared value by promoting innovative services and facilitating interaction with members of society for mutual benefit. The new e-Connect Health Platform provides customers with an all-in-one outpatient colonoscopy and gastroscopy service, simplifying the check-up and medical claim process. The savings from streamlining the process are redirected to support underprivileged cancer patients.
    Creating Shared Value through Cancer Patient Support Programme
  • Extending Care to Underprivileged Minorities

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges and changed the way we live our lives. The Group recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the society. We are dedicated to extending our care for the underprivileged minority groups in our community particularly during this challenging time. To help the ethnic minorities, we distributed home cleaning products and cleaning tips with English and translation to about 200 ethnic minorities families in Hong Kong, through a collaboration with Christian Action. To support continued learning among minority students, we have also collected, refurbished and donated used computers from the Group to students whose families could not afford electronic devices, enabling them to access any e-learning materials and online classes during COVID-19, benefitting 50 families.
    Extending Care to Underprivileged Minorities
  • Navigating the Career Journey for the Youth

    We have been partnering with NGOs since 2016 via our flagship NWS Career Navigator for Youth programme. The programme offers a broad range of career-planning support, including corporate visits, mentoring, career talks, mock interviews, meetings with CEOs, and job shadowing. Through this cross-sector collaboration among business, social welfare and education, our diverse business network provides opportunities for young people to meet industry experts and receive advice on career planning. Since 2016, the programme has organised more than 240 activities and provided career experiences to more than 7,200 participants.

    As part of this collaboration with Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and the Centre of Social Impact, we are thus conducting a social impact assessment for this 4-year programme. This reviews its effectiveness and analyse its social impact on individuals, communities and organisations, and more importantly, identifying means for improvement in our future contribution to the programme.

    Navigating the Career Journey for the Youth

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