<b>Environmental </b><span>Performance</span>

Environmental Performance

  • Greener Construction Sites Driven by Innovation

    Understanding that exhaust fumes from diesel generators are one of the major sources of air pollution at construction sites, Hip Hing has invented and installed an innovative device called Venturi Cyclone ("VC"). This device effectively uses dynamic energy from the inlet exhaust gas stream to atomize injected water and scrub the gas stream to transform harmful air pollutants into water droplets which are carried through an on-site wastewater treatment facility, before being discharged off-site into the municipal drainage system. The treated water complies with a very stringent water quality standard.

    On average, the VC reduces around 90% of the major pollutants generated by diesel generators at construction sites, including unburned hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, and carbon dioxide. In addition, the VC has features designed to reduce both the noise and thermal impact of the generator, further improving the site working conditions and the overall environmental impact.

    Greener Construction Sites Driven by Innovation
  • Recycled Computers to Schools In Need

    In FY2018, NWS Holdings carried out a Group-wide electronic waste recycling campaign in partnership with ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (Hong Kong) Ltd. Launched a year before the implementation of the Government's Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, the full-year campaign aimed to encourage employees to adopt green concepts both at work and at home. Over 180 electronic waste items were collected for recycling or for refurbishment and used by local schools and charities. As an extension of our community project, NWS Career Navigator for Youth, the Group donated computers refurbished with new software to primary and secondary schools in Kwai Tsing District.

    Recycled Computers to Schools In Need
  • Turning a New Page in Sustainable Building

    As demand for sustainable buildings grows, Hip Hing has partnered with Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited to develop an innovative capsule technology for producing strong lightweight concrete, a more environmentally-friendly construction material that is set to benefit developers, users and the environment. This innovation earned its development team a gold medal at the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2017, which is considered one of the most prestigious shows worldwide in innovations.

    The concrete produced with this new technology features high fire resistance, lower thermal conductivity and higher acoustic absorption efficiency than regular concrete. With thermal conductivity at only about 0.5W/m.K, 70% lower than standard concrete in the market, less air conditioning is required to achieve acceptable comfort for occupants, thereby reducing energy use, carbon emissions and saving costs.

    Hip Hing’s broader commitment to sustainable building is also reflected in the expanding number of professionals it employs and trains to support clients in developing BEAM Plus or LEED-certified green buildings. Its project teams also proactively implement green measures across construction sites to reduce the environmental impact of the building process.

    Turning a New Page in Sustainable Building
  • Promoting Responsible Consumption

    Staff awareness and support is crucial to achieving the Group's environmental initiatives. To this end, we run employee campaign every year to inform them of topical environmental issues and call for action towards the betterment of our environment.

    The FY2017 employee green campaign featured "Sustainable Procurement and Consumption" as its theme, encouraging employees to source and consume sustainably, both at work and at home. As well as organizing a site visit to a town gas production plant for Green Managers, we held a series of light-hearted activities to promote sustainable consumption as part of everyday life. These included a staff competition to identify environmentally-friendly shops, a family visit to an organic farm, and an Eco Bazaar.

    At the Eco Bazaar held at the Corporate Office, employees took part in a talk and mix-and-match games led by Green Ladies, a social enterprise set up by St. James’ Settlement to promote green fashion. Employees could also take the opportunity to donate used clothes on site, and buy from a selection of used fashion items and upcycled accessories from Green Ladies.

    Promoting Responsible Consumption

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