With references the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), we establish SV2030 with a focus on four pillars: Green, Wellness, Caring and Smart. Each of the four pillars is intricately linked with each of the four SDGs, that are most relevant to the Group and that enable us to have greater impact.

  • Green
    Moving toward
    a greener future
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  • Wellness
    Promoting health in
    body and mind
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  • Caring
    Nurturing our communities
    and culture
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  • Smart
    Using innovation to
    unlock potential
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  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) tackle the most pressing environmental and social challenges of our time. As a responsible company, we pledge to protect the planet, and support stable and thriving societies. We identified four of the seventeen SDGs that are most relevant to us and that enable us to have the greatest impact. We aim to align our longer-term objectives with these goals.

    • Good health and well-being
    • Decent work and economic growth
    • Sustainable cities and community
    • Partnerships for the goals
    How We Help
    Good health and well-being
    • Provide access to safe, effective and high-quality care and medical treatment
    • Reduce environmental impacts through proper handling of emissions including greenhouse gas, air and water, etc.
    • Enhance customer experiences by improving quality and wellness of our services
    Decent work and economic growth
    • Contribute to economic growth
    • Enhance economic productivity through business diversification, technological upgrades and innovation
    • Provide employment and decent work for women and men, including young people and those with disabilities, and provide equal opportunity and pay for work of equal value
    • Protect labour rights and provide safe and secure working environments for all employees
    Sustainable cities and community
    • Provide safe road, sustainable and quality transport networks for the wider community and improve road safety
    • Enhance inclusive and sustainable urbanization, enabling people to feel a sense of community
    • Support positive economic, social and environmental links between urban and rural areas by strengthening local and regional development planning
    • Environmental conservation
    Partnerships for the goals
    • Promote the development, transfer, and dissemination of environmentally sound technologies to communities in need
    • Support effective and targeted capacity-building in communities for the implementation of SDGs
    • Encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships
  • Sustainability Targets
    Environmental Targets

    In 2020, we have announced our Environmental Targets for financial year (FY) 2030. Using FY2013 data as the baseline, our group-wide targets are to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity by 50%, energy intensity by 50% and water intensity by 30%, and to achieve at least 90% reuse of construction and demolition (C&D) materials by FY2030. These targets demonstrate our long-term commitment to being part of a low-carbon economy.

    Social Targets

    In 2020, we have introduced quantifiable social targets to promote caring and wellness by accumulating over 20 million beneficiaries by FY2030. Using FY2015 data as the baseline, these social targets could guide us in conducting our business and activities in ways that create shared value for our customers and related stakeholders.

    Social Targets

    Refer to the latest Sustainability Report for the status of targets' progress.

  • Sustainability Governance

    The Board of Directors of NWS Holdings (the "Board"), as the highest governance body of the Group, takes ultimate responsibility for business sustainability and plays a pivotal role in driving long-term growth. The NWS Sustainability Committee is a board-level committee chaired by our Chief Executive Officer. It sets the overarching Group's sustainability strategy, framework and policies, make strategic decisions on sustainability management and oversee their implementation.

    The Group's policies and guidelines reflect our vision, mission and core values, which are fundamental to our business success. For more information, please refer to our Policies and Guidelines in this website.

    Sustainability Policy

    Our Sustainability Policy applies to NWS Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as "the Group". Given our diverse business portfolio, business development in new industries and growing geographical footprint, it is important that the Group has a clear and comprehensive statement of its commitments to guide sustainability practices across its operations.

    Built upon the Group's vision, mission and core values and developed with reference to the ten principles of United Nations Global Compact, this Policy provides top-down direction covering every aspect of our businesses.

  • Sustainability Governance Structure

    Our business spans a diverse range of industries, and we have varied levels of ownership and operational control over the entities in which we have a stake. We are progressively increasing consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in our investment strategies, even for business units that are not currently covered by our Sustainability Report. We are constantly improving our approach to ESG and encouraging sustainability stewardship in our investment portfolio.

    NWS Sustainability Committee
    • NWS Volunteer
    • NWS Holdings
      Charities Foundation
    • ESG
      Management Taskforce
    • Sports and Recreation

    We work with our employees, business partners and customers to minimize our impact on the environment. Our Sustainability Committee is supported by four groups or sub-committees. Under the supervision of the Committee, our sustainability department focuses on driving Group-wide initiatives on sustainability across our business units, while business units supplement with its own plan that aligns with the Groups’ overall sustainability strategy based on business nature to incorporate ESG-related practices into operation. With innovation as one of our core values, we strive to invent new ways and processes that benefit our business operation, community and environment.