Our Approach

Our Sustainability Policy applies to NWS Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as "the Group". Given our diverse business portfolio, business development in new industries and growing geographical footprint, it is important that the Group has a clear and comprehensive statement of its commitments to guide sustainability practices across its operations. Each subsidiary or business unit should use this policy as guidance in developing its own approach and practices in ways that are most appropriate to their industry and location. The Group's Sustainability Committee oversees the implementation and progress of sustainability practices, and reviews this Policy from time to time.

Built upon the Group's vision, mission and core values and developed with reference to the ten principles of United Nations Global Compact, this Policy presents our commitments in the four areas below:

    • We create long-term value for our shareholders through a focused strategy and by developing synergy between business units.
    • We observe high standards of corporate governance and ensure the effectiveness of our risk management and internal control system.
    • We maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and comply with all laws and regulations in our business transactions and operations.
    • We deliver services and products that are safe and reliable, and do so in an environmentally responsible manner. We also strive to attain total customer satisfaction and to build our brand as a world-class service provider.
    • We influence businesses in our supply chain to share our approach to corporate sustainability and encourage our suppliers, business partners and customers to adhere to our principles on sustainable development.
    • We provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and are committed to preventing accidents, injuries and illness related to work.
    • We promote equal opportunities and ensure that all employees are treated with dignity and respect regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and other forms of diversity.
    • We provide competitive, fair and equitable remuneration, and invest in training and professional development to help our employees realize their full potential.
    • We promote a healthy work-life balance and create an inclusive, family-friendly workplace to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.
    • We strive to create a positive impact in the communities where we operate, by leveraging our strengths and resources, and through the Group's charity arm, NWS Holdings Charities Foundation.
    • We provide strategic, relevant and long-term support in the focused areas in line with those of NWS Holdings Charities Foundation.
    • We form partnerships with like-minded civil society organizations that can provide the necessary expertise to enhance the impact of our community investment initiatives.
    • We encourage and empower our employees to contribute to society by volunteering, and seek to raise their awareness of social and environmental issues.
    • We comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations, and strive to exceed this basic requirement wherever possible.
    • We take every reasonable and practical measure to conserve resources and minimize waste in our operations.
    • We strive to contribute to the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions by investing in clean and energy-efficient technologies and by reducing our energy consumption.
    • We dedicate resources to increasing awareness, motivation and participation in environmentally friendly initiatives among our staff as well as stakeholders in our supply chain.

Our Sustainability Policy is underpinned by a multi-faceted approach to sustainability combining management framework and policies, operational optimization and capacity building. We are also committed to engaging our stakeholders, benchmarking our performance, and reporting on our progress in a transparent and highly accountable way.

  • The board of directors of NWS Holdings (the "Board"), as the highest governance body of the Group, takes ultimate responsibility for business sustainability and plays a pivotal role in driving long-term growth.

    The Sustainability Committee, chaired by our Chief Executive Officer, sets the overarching Group's sustainability strategy, framework and policies, and tracks progress on staff engagement, community investment, volunteering and environmental protection, with the support of the Environmental Management Committee, Sports and Recreation Committee, the NWS Holdings Charities Foundation and NWS Volunteer Alliance.

    The Group's policies and guidelines reflect our vision, mission and core values, which are fundamental to our business success. These include "Board Diversity Policy", "Human Rights Policy", "Corporate Policy on Staff Responsibility and Code of Conduct", "IT Policy and Procedure", "Guidelines on Risk Management", "Guidelines on Internal Control System", "Disclosure Policy for Inside Information", "Whistleblowing Policy", and "Supplier Code of Conduct" from NWD.

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  • We work with our employees, business partners and customers to increase efficiency, reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment. With innovation as one of our core values, we strive to invent new ways and processes that benefit our business operation, community and environment. Further details of the innovations and measures that the Group and our member companies undertaken to optimize operations can be found in the case studies in this website.

  • As we integrate sustainability into our decision making process, it is vital that all staff understand the links between emerging trends, daily operations and future business prospects. One of the ways we promote this is through the NWS Sustainability Seminar, an annual event that informs and educates managerial staff from across the Group on topical sustainability issues. Building on this broad, Group-wide understanding of sustainability, we also have Green Managers who receive targeted training on integrating sustainable practices into day-to-day operations.

  • Dialogue with our stakeholders is essential to building valuable relationships that have a direct impact on our business success. As well as working closely with our employees, we regularly seek the views of external stakeholders, including government officials, investors, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, non-profit organizations and the media. We use forums, meetings, surveys, focus groups, online platforms, and new media to invite feedback, to help us understand stakeholders' concerns and expectations, and ensure these views are passed on to the right functionaries within the Group who are best placed to act on them.

    Benchmarking and reporting enables us to measure the Group's performance against our objectives on sustainability, and against international and industry standards. It also enables us to identify the Group's strengths and weaknesses and learn from best practices. We are open to third-party assessment of our performance, such as the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index, in which we have been a constituent stock since 2011, with overall performance score improving from A to AA over time.

    To increase our transparency and accountability, the Group has published a standalone sustainability report annually since 2014. The report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards: Core options, and satisfies the requirement of the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide issued by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Read our latest report.

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve our sustainability performance.

Tackling global challenges – including climate change, diminishing natural resources and socio-economic issues linked to digital technologies – requires the concerted effort of governments, corporates and communities. As a leading player in infrastructure and services, we are committed to playing our part. Since early 2018, we have begun mapping our key initiatives to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals ("UN SDGs"), which guides our corporate citizenship and shapes our investment strategies and risk management. In the same spirit, we are beefing up our effort to support Hong Kong's transition towards a low-carbon, innovative economy. These include establishing environmental targets on energy consumption, waste and water management across the Group, and working with our partners along our supply chain to promote strong ethical, social and environmental performance.