<b>Environmental </b><span>Performance</span>

Environmental Performance

  • Green Office at KOHO

    In our new office at KOHO that commences operation from late 2019, we have incorporated various green elements in the design, from furniture, material, electronic equipment and water consumption to waste management. We selected carpets that are made of 60% recycled materials, while environmentally-certified timber products are used to ensure their origins are from well-managed sustainable forest. The office is equipped with energy-efficient fan coil units, low-flow water faucet and LED lighting panels to reduce energy consumption. In waste reduction, recycling bins are provided in works area to promote waste reduction and recycling. Staff is also required to review and verify document printing by using staff card to reduce paper use.
    Green Office at KOHO
  • Single-decker Electric Bus

    In addition to concerted efforts to improve emissions from conventional diesel buses, we have completed a trial of “zero-emission” single-deck electric buses. The pilot scheme was subsidised by the Hong Kong Government to study the reliability and economic feasibility of these vehicles. The results suggest it may be some time before electric buses could overcome the unique challenges of Hong Kong to become commercially viable. However, we continue to collaborate on the development of electric buses with the government and the industry. We have retained the electric single-deckers for two of our busiest routes after the trial.

    We have also invested in building a fleet of more energy-efficient vehicles by commissioning 145 low emission Euro 6 buses. As of 30 June 2019, 95% of our entire bus fleet meets Euro 5 emission standards or above.

    Single-decker Electric Bus
  • Adoption of Renewable Energy

    Solar panels installed on the rooftop of the New World First Ferry office building are connected to the grid. They are expected to generate approximately 10,500 kWh of energy per year, saving 5,400kg of CO2 emissions. We have also installed solar panels on one of our ferries, “Xin Zhong”, to facilitate the use of six new on-board ventilation units.
    Adoption of Renewable Energy
  • Auto-Power Supply (APS) System to Enhance Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction

    Comprising several connecting generator sets, APS forms a mini power station that regulates and distributes electricity to designated equipment on site through a local network. It uses fewer generator sets than a typical site setting and reduced fuel use by about 45% at our trial site at Tsing Yi Vehicle Examination Centre. Other benefits included also environmental noise reduction, carbon emission reduction and operational costs saving.

    Auto-Power Supply (APS) System to Enhance Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction

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